6 Ways to Wake Up With More Energy

6 Ways to Wake Up With More Energy

Do you always wake up fighting with yourself to get out of bed? Do you feel tired and lazy even after a few hours of waking up? Here are a few ways in which you can wake up with a lot more energy.

1. Don’t drink before you sleep

Many studies claim that drinking any kind of stimulant before sleeping can keep you awake through the night. These stimulants include tea, coffee, alcohol and other sugar rich drinks. Debunk the myth that a few sips of wine will help you to fall asleep faster. This may actually be a deterrent to your body after a few hours of the alcohol staying in your system. If you must have something, drink herbal teas or small quantities of decaffeinated drinks. This will ensure that you wake up a lot more energetic.

2. Take a warm shower

Whether you have a desk job or a job which is physically strenuous, taking a warm shower will help to soothe your nerves. A warm soak will also help if you have the habit of exercising just a few hours before sleeping. Physical activity tends to create a build up of lactic acid in the body which causes mild and throbbing pain. A hot water shower will instantly dilute this lactic acid and ease your pain out. This may help you to wake up refreshed and stress free.

3. Give yourself something to look forward to every day

Many people get up dull and drowsy in the morning not because they are physically tired but because they are mentally fed up. Just like the body, the mind needs food to survive too. And this food comes in the form of inspiration and motivation. Set something up on a daily basis to make the day worth looking forward to. This will make you feel naturally energetic when you wake up.

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