5 Worst Stereotypes of Powerful Women

5 Worst Stereotypes of Powerful Women

It is not easy being a woman in a man’s world. There is so much misogynist attitudes that one has to deal with when making a foray into what men believe is their territory. If most women deal with stereotypes in their life, powerful women have it worse. Men and sometimes women too subscribe to the thought that to become powerful, a woman has to have some of the following traits. Powerful women are not only admired, they are also hated in equal measure making them the targets of some vicious rumors and verbal attacks. She normally endures much more hatred than an man would given the same position.

1. Cold, Usually called the ice queen

To be powerful and to be a woman is to be cold and emotionless or at least that is what we are made to believe. This is entirely wrong and the worst stereotype that any powerful women ss subjected to.

2. They intimidate everyone

This again is a stereotype that has very little basis in truth. It is true that powerful people intimidate, but they also get respect and it is not true that only powerful women are intimidating. The same can be said of men too.

3. They do not have a personal life

They very much do and always have thanked the family for having supported them in all their endeavors. And like many believe they also do not sacrifice a personal life to make it big and become powerful.

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