Are Frozen Foods Healthy?

Are Frozen Foods Healthy?

Many of us lead a ‘fast paced, no time to cook, barely enough time to sleep’ kind of lifestyle today. An outcome of this lifestyle is struggling to maintain good health and keeping the body in shape. This becomes harder by the fact that we have become dependent on frozen foods for they are convenient and do not take much time or effort. Nothing can beat a freshly prepared meal, so there is no point debating the fact that frozen foods are not healthy. At least not as healthy as they are made out to be.

Every frozen product consists of preservatives, something which in excess is bad for us. And because we consume a lot of processed foods as well, we are always nearing the unsafe-unhealthy threshold of preservatives.

Frozen foods are high on sodium as well. They are extremely dangerous for people with high blood pressure, which is something you are most likely to suffer from. Because if you don’t have time to cook, you must be leading a jam packed lifestyle, and that is always full of stress! The only thing you can do is limit your sodium intake, the rest of the time when not eating frozen foods. It is highly difficult to do so because processed foods are high on sodium as well.

Not only are frozen foods high on salt content, they are high on sugar content as well. And that is definitely not a good thing if you have diabetes, or want to remain in shape without having to survive on a bare minimum of calories.

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