10 Tips to Win an Aquarius Man’s Heart

10 Tips to Win an Aquarius Man's Heart

Aquarius men are known to be friendly, social, and dependable. They get attracted to women who are extrovert by nature. Listed below are some tips to win an Aquarius man, read on.

1. Flaunt your intelligence

They are not really turned on by good looks, but by intelligence. They like women who are smart and witty in their approach. They like women who are exceptional thinkers.

2. Be an extrovert

They like the company of women who are outgoing and extrovert by nature. Good communication skills in women are an instant turn on for them. They do not like women who cannot express themselves properly.

3. Be a friend to him

They are more inclined to friendship even in a relationship. Romance is important for them, but friendship with their partner plays an integral role. To impress an Aquarius man, keeping a friendly approach might surely help.

4. Be expressive

They like any form of expression in love. They like to be expressive in a relationship and expect the same trait from their partner. They also like to respect and expect the same in return from their partner.

5. Have in-depth views

They get turned off by women who do not speak their mind. They like to indulge in in-depth conversations in a relationship. They appreciate women who have clear views about them. They do not like to hide things in love.

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