8 Complaints Women have About Men

8 Complaints Women have About Men

Men are from mars and women are from Venus. Isn’t that what we have been hearing all these years? Even though it sounds cliche, there is some truth in it. Men and women are not only anatomically different, but the ways they think and react are also different in a lot of situations. The basic differences are what make them attractive to the opposite sex and also the main reason for complaint. Women do understand that men are different, but it is not always that they can accept the differences and there is generally a long list of complaints about men. Here are a few.

1. Men always leave the toilet seat up

It is a given fact that the toilet will be a lot cleaner when the men put the seat up. But that does not mean they do not have to put it down as they get out. This is a complaint that can be heard in homes, offices, pubs and restaurants.

2. Men completely space out when they do not like what they are hearing

This is another common complaint that most women have against men. If they are listening to something they do not like, they get spaced out and shut out everything and everyone around them.

3. They leave a lot of hair on the sink after shaving

Men have to shave more often and they also end up leaving a big mess in the bathroom with their stubble lying all over the sink. It looks disgusting and it is no wonder that women constantly complain about it.

4. They make fun of chick flicks

Men always make fun of women who watch chick flicks. Even though they watch it themselves, they always make jokes about it. Women complain that men are being so hypocritical in this sense.

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