6 Ways to Resist Calling Your Ex

6 ways to resist calling your ex

Are you still lost in the dreams of your ex? Do you still miss or want to talk to your ex? Naturally, you would pick up the phone and would want to talk. What if your ex hangs up the phone? It is possible that your ex wants to move on in life. The best way is to resist calling your ex. But how would you do that? Continue reading to know more.

1. Delete every detail

Delete every detail that is on your phone. This includes his number, chat address, email address and pictures. Moving on becomes much easier with this. If you tend to keep your ex’s phone number, then you would feel the urge to call your ex. Better to avoid the situation than to regret later, right?

2. Spend time with friends

Divert your attention because it is the best way to stay away from your ex. Hangout with your friends and family. Go for movies and dinners. Socialize and meet new people. If you spend time alone, then you would think about your past. Do not let that happen, think about a better future and let go of your past. Resist your urge by diverting your mind in the best possible way.

3. Stay away from checking

You may not admit, but you might have checked your ex’s online profile after your breakup. If this is true, then it may create some problem for you. Checking out or spying would lead to other thoughts in your mind. It is possible that you may start missing your ex. And your next step would be calling up your ex. Do not let that happen, delete your ex from your profile and do not spy on your ex’s profile. Move on in a better way.

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