8 Ways to Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend

8 Ways to Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend

After suffering the agony of a breakup and bearing the pain of heartache, after weeping through endless nights of hopelessness and frustration, after taking your anger out on everyone and everything, you finally find yourself on your feet again with a fixed goal in your mind – to get back your ex boyfriend! It seems like a daunting task indeed, but surely nothing is impossible. Enlisted here are 7 ways to help you claim back your love.

1. Go to a place where you are sure to bump into him – a place near his house, or office or take a route that he normally takes to reach office. When you finally see him, just ignore him. Yep, you heard that right. Ignore him and you are sure to catch his attention!

2. Take a step ahead and further prick his ego. Plan to be at a place where you know you’ll find him. Probably a common friend’s party or his gym. If you can, be there with some other male friend and seem to have a good time with him.

3. Just when jealousy starts bubbling up in your ex boyfriend as he spots you with other guys, it’s time to take the lead. Go up to him and act naturally. Meet him socially like you would meet an old friend. Let him know that you are over him, completely!

4. The iron is hot, keep hitting. Catch up on him at a common friend’s get-together or some other place he visits, and show him what he’s really missing! Be there in the best of your dress and have him drooling all over you!

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