8 Signs You are a Taurus

8 Signs You are a Taurus

There are so many misconceptions about Taureans because their Zodiac symbol is the bull. Although you may share some characteristics of the bull, there are also so many more things about you that are the exact opposite. If you can find some similarities with the following personality traits, then it tis a sign that you fall under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

1. You are very obstinate

This is something that no one can change about you. For good or bad, you stick to the things you believe is right. Sometimes your obstinacy gets things done, but at other times, it makes you someone that people hate because you can really be painful to deal with. Being stubborn when you are in the wrong is what makes people hate you at times.

2. You are very practical

There is nothing you do that can be characterized as being impulsive. You always need to think of the pros and cons of a particular thing before you do anything. Even when you are out shopping, there are no impulsive buys. You will always come out of the mall with just the things that you wanted in the first place.

3. You fear change

This could explain why you are so stubborn. When you start out to finish something, you would like to see it through and when someone tries to get in between you and your set goal, you get real mad and make your point quite loud and clear. Sometimes you need to accept the fact that you can be wrong, that change is a part of life and listening to others’ views can actually help you.

4. You take things easy

Strangely when it is not very important to you, you just take things too easy. Like in relationships, you do not really care much about how it goes as you think everything is ok. You are just too stubborn to see that the relationship is going downhill. You realize only too late when the relationship breaks.

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