6 Ways to Increase Concentration in Studies

Ways to Increase Concentration in Studies

The problem with concentrating in studies is that one gets distracted very easily. So it is essential that one must pay attention and stay focused on the subject matter and not let other things come in between. But while it is important to pay attention to studies, it is also important to ensure that it does not become monotonous as anything that is boring gets us distracted very easily and our minds drift to other things. So, while studying is important, unwinding ourselves for refreshed energy and enthusiasm is also as crucial. Listed here are 6 proven ways to increase concentration while studying.

1. Study in a peaceful environment

The environment in which you sit to study is very important. If you are studying in a chaotic environment or a noisy environment, concentrating is going to be difficult. If there are many people around you and are talking too much, you will also get distracted easily. So what you need to do is find a quiet and peaceful place where you can study without disturbance of any kind. You have to minimize noise pollution as much as you can if you wish to really concentrate on your studies.

2. Gather all study material at once

You must not get up every now and then to get a particular textbook, or a pen or a notebook. Prepare in advance whenever you sit to study. Know beforehand what all material you will need and put all the things together before finally sitting down. Get all your books, notebooks, pencils, pens, compass box, maps, question papers and everything else you think you will require while studying. If you have to get up continuously to bring something while studying, it will break the flow and will definitely hamper your concentration.

3. Take short breaks every 45 minutes

Research has shown that an average student can concentrate while studying continuously for 45 minutes only. Thereafter, the brain automatically switches to other things even if you are still sitting at your study table. You may be holding the book in front of you, but your mind will begin wandering after 45 minutes. Make use of this interval which the brain needs. Take a short break every 45 minutes. Roam around the house for a while, go eat something or just wash your face, and your mind will automatically recover and replenish itself with energy for concentrating for the next 45 minutes. Sit down to study again and repeat the cycle. Not only will your concentration improve, you will also remember better what you studied.

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