8 Qualities of May Born People

8 Qualities of May Born People

If you come across anyone born in May and take proper notice, you will definitely find the following qualities in that individual.

1. Romanticism

People with their birthday in the month of May are born romantics. So if it is love you are looking for, search for a May born and you will not be dejected. Few can match them in matters of love.

2. Friendliness

Love is not the only domain these people are the master in. Even in matters of friendship, they are at the very top. They can instantly generate camaraderie with others and are the antithesis of the ‘fair weather friends’ tag.

3. Reliability

You can rely on a May born to stand by you in times of need and also rely on them to do any task perfectly. They are not someone to give up midway just because the path seems steep.

4. Serenity

These people are anything but loud and garish. They like to have their own quiet moments and prefer a peaceful environment to a noisy one. They can be very calm and quiet.

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