6 Unusual Makeup Styles for the Edgy Girl

6 Unusual Makeup Styles for the Edgy Girl

Makeup changes a woman’s look quiet drastically, more often than not, for the better. However, those who have been applying makeup since ages and are bored of putting on the same stuff and appearing the same everyday, can go for these edgy style statements listed here. Break the rut, amaze people and make guys admire your guts to carry of such unusual makeup looks that would put you right up there with the edgiest fashionistas.

1. Eyebrow ring

Although this trend of piercing eyebrows is seen more among hip hop and rap musicians and dancers, it is also picking up among women. It lends the wearer an uber cool look; no one will dare to mess with a girl who sports an eyebrow ring. If guys could adopt the nose ring trend from girls, women can also take this trend from the males and wear it in an even better way.

2. Dual color lipstick

If you are a fan of edgy stylish pop icons like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry, and want to be known as their devoted fan, you could go for the dual color lipstick trend. Wear one color on the upper lip and another color on the lower lip, preferably matching with your dual tone outfit, to achieve this look.

3. Teeth tattoo

Teeth cosmetics that correct the smile and include application of tooth jewels have become too common and passe. Make way for the teeth tattoo. The procedure is a harmless and painless one, as compared to skin tattooing. Simply select a design, picture or word that you would like to flaunt and get it tattooed on your teeth.

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