8 Advantages Of Short Hair

Many say it is tomboyish or a sign of lethargy, but we say it is very stylish and sexy. Not everyone can carry it off really well. So if you think you can, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t have short hair. Here we give you 8 benefits of short hair:

1. Is easy to maintain

Short hair doesn’t get spoiled easily. Even when spoiled, it hardly takes any time to set it again. It also doesn’t take much time to wash short hair or dry it up. Now isn’t that cool?

2. Is convenient during summer

Short hair lets wind pass through your neck and scalp. Long hair, on the other hand, has to be tied into an uncomfortable bun or a ponytail. Short hair does not come up with any such demands. It naturally lets you feel so light and cool even in the heat of summer.

3. Looks smart

Long hair is too old fashioned. Short hair, on the other hand, is for the new, fast-paced woman. It looks both smart as well as sexy, by giving you an unconventional ‘Hally Berry’ look.

4. Stays healthy

Long hair is prone to damage because of knots and split ends. It is easier to protect short hair and, hence, it is prone to lesser damage. Thus, in the long run, short hair stays in a better condition than long hair.

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