7 Reasons Why Opposites Attract

7 Reasons Why Opposites Attract

Have you ever wondered why men and women with opposite personalities get attracted to each other? Have you thought about why the commonly used phrase ‘opposites attract’ would have come into being? Here are the reasons why opposites get attracted to each other.

1. To enjoy being different from each other

Opposites are known to get attracted to each other instantly because they enjoy being different from each other. If you meet a man who has the exact same choices, tastes, traits, personality and attitude like you, things in your relationship might become boring after some time. Couples would like to have diversity in their relationship because of which they may feel attracted to a person with an opposite personality.

2. Curiosity about each other

Your curiosity is likely to be piqued if you meet a man with an interesting set of qualities or a character that you have never come across before. You may feel very attracted to such a man and feel like knowing more about him. This feeling will be accentuated if your personality is very different from that of the man you meet.

3. To give the relationship a fresh perspective

When opposites attract, they form a diverse combination of skills, attitudes and perspectives. You may be attracted to a man who thinks of doing something that you may have never thought of. Opposites can attract each other because they like the fresh perspective that they add to each other’s lives.

4. To look up to each other and get inspired

One of the reasons why opposites attract easily is because they admire their partner’s qualities that they don’t have themselves. Couples can feel complete and fulfilled by being in the company of a lover who they can admire and look up to.

5. Natural human behavior

Experts have claimed that attraction to a completely opposite person is an example of natural human behavior. That is how the human DNA is known to be wired. They further claim that women may find themselves attracted to men with immune systems completely different from their own. This could probably be the reason that nice girls are commonly known to get attracted to bad boys.

6. To compensate for each other

No person in this world is perfect. But when two people get together as a couple, they can form a solid foundation of personalities which can help them to make up for each other’s shortcomings. For example, if you are an introvert you may get attracted to a man who is a total extrovert because he can help you to come out of your shell.

7. It is easier for the couple to spend time together

If your boyfriend’s interests and passions and very different than yours, you both are likely to have a lot of interesting things to share at the end of the day. This could also be the one of the reasons that opposite attract – to be able to spend time with each other easily and effortlessly.

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