5 Signs Your Pregnancy is Progressing Smoothly

5 Signs Your Pregnancy is Progressing Smoothly

A pregnant woman constantly prays for a safe and healthy pregnancy. In case you are pregnant, you don’t need to unnecessarily worry if everything is ok or not. Look out for these 5 signs to know that your pregnancy is progressing smoothly.

1. Constant and gradual weight gain

A constant and gradual weight gain is the first and foremost sign that your pregnancy is going on smoothly. It’s a good idea to keep referring to an ideal pregnancy weight gain chart. You can ask your gynecologist for one or you can have it printed out from one of the pregnancy websites. Overall, a pregnant woman should gain around 12 to 15 kg throughout the entire pregnancy.

2. Normal blood pressure level

Blood pressure is one of the most critical factors in a healthy pregnancy. High blood pressure can lead to many complications in pregnancy and delivery. If your blood pressure is within normal range, then it’s a very good sign which indicates that all is well with your pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy pains and body aches

As you move forward with your pregnancy, it’s common for your body to experience some pains because of the added pressure and burden of pregnancy on your body. Such mild pains and backaches are common. It’s a sign of normal pregnancy. However, if you feel excruciating pain, then you should consult your doctor to be on safe side.

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