How To Apply Concealer?

How To Apply Concealer?

The correct application of concealer can do miracles for your look. It can immensely improve your makeup and the effect it produces. With the use of a concealer, you can gain a fresh look without any visible dark circles under your eyes. So let us see five easy steps to use concealer in the right way.

1.Select the right shade

Choosing the correct shade is the first and most important step for applying a concealer. If you select the wrong shade of concealer, it will not produce the desired result. There are two types of concealers available – liquid and dry. Whichever concealer you may use, keep in mind that it should be 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin color.

2. Prepare your skin

Before applying any makeup under your eye, you should prepare your skin for it. For instance, you could apply a good moisturizing cream under your eye. This will help you to apply the concealer evenly and make it last long. Also, it keeps your under eye skin healthy and moist.

3. Apply it properly

To conceal the dark circles under your eyes, you may use a liquid concealer. Put just a little of it under the inner corner of your eye and use your fingers to spread it evenly under the eye to cover up the entire dark circle area. Apply the concealer before you apply your powder or tint cream. You may also put some concealer on your upper eyelid.

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