6 Types of Men You Should Avoid Dating

6 Types of Men You Should Avoid Dating

There are certain types of men you should avoid dating because being with them can lead to unnecessary complications, arguments, fights and problems. It is important that you spot some crucial signs early on so you can decide quickly if a guy is worth dating or not. Find out which types of men are not worth dating at all.

1. Men who are control freaks

You should avoid dating men who are control freaks. These are the guys who like to be in charge of things including your schedule, the clothes you wear, the friends you meet and the places you go to. Signs of controlling behavior are evident when you meet someone for the first time. You will notice it straightaway if that guy wants to keep a watchful eye over just about everything.

2. Men who think they are better than you

Never date a man who thinks he is better than you. Whether it is in relation to your profession or life in general, a guy who thinks he is one step above you will never treat you nicely. In his eyes, it will always appear that he is doing a favor to you by dating you. Don’t waste your time and energy dating these types of guys.

3. Men who are totally opposed to commitment

This is not to say that you want a guy to be committed to you from the very first date. But at the same time, the guy should never have his mind closed to the idea of commitment. A man should be open to having a committed relationship if you begin dating him, your relationship progresses and you both fall in love. If he is opposed to commitment and never wants to settle down with the right person, he may be a complete waste of time and not worth dating at all.

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