4 Reasons Why Samsung GALAXY Phones are Selling Like Hotcakes

4 Reasons Why Samsung GALAXY Phones are Selling Like Hotcakes

Samsung GALAXY is probably the most ubiquitous term we come across nowadays. Everyone seems to have one – be it Samsung GALAXY Grand, Duos, Y, the S3, the gigantic Note or the big brother of them all the S4. It’s probably worthwhile to look into why these phones seem to be flying off the shelves as we speak.

1. The variety

Samsung has indeed hit upon a winning formula – flooding the market with devices of all sorts at all price ranges. While there is a Samsung GALAXY Champ, the Pocket, the GALAXY Y which are available in under 7000/- in the market, there is the Note, the S4 etc., which can cost you anything from 40,000/- upwards. This helps customers get a wide variety of choice. It also helps in retaining customers – say a low budget phone user using GALAXY Champ now wants to move to the 12000-15000/- range; well he need look no further than the Samsung GALAXY Ace. Of course the customer in question, having already used a Samsung product, might be more inclined to go for another Samsung phone in a higher budgetary range. Bringing out an array of phones was perhaps a necessary step for a company wanting to find its place in a market dominated by Nokia in the low and mid range, the Blackberry and the iPhone in the higher end. Its gamble has more than paid off and Samsung is a major player in all the segments of the market. It’s a feat no company has matched, though most companies (including iPhone which is rumored to be considering a low budget phone to beef up its portfolio) are now following suit.

2. The innovation

Simply flooding the market with phones is not enough. The customers have to want to buy them. Nokia has an extensive portfolio of phones and is a much older player than Samsung. Yet it has increasingly ceded its market share to the behemoth even as it tries to introduce newer phones at various price points. This is because of the fact that Samsung has also placed its bets on bringing out big innovations with its phones. With the advent of touchscreens, smartphones are supposed to do much more than enable phone calls and messaging. Samsung has a vast array of features in all its GALAXY phones which it keeps upgrading, which provides the users with a dependable yet innovative user experience. Critics had pooh-poohed the introduction of GALAXY Note, saying the screen was far too big for normal usage and cited Steve Jobs’ famous line that 3.5 inches is the ideal screen size for a phone. All of them had to eat their words when the Note proved to be a huge success, creating a whole new ‘phablet’ category of phones.

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