7 Signs Your Boyfriend Has a Personality Disorder

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Has a Personality Disorder

Being in a relationship with men with personality disorders is very challenging. Men are usually under tremendous pressure to prove themselves in society and as they go along sometimes life can get the better of them. Here are 7 signs that suggests that your boyfriend has a personality disorder.

1. He is unable to control his anger

He has a very short temper. If things do not happen his way, he will lose it completely. He will physically and verbally abuse you. He has no sense of place and may lose his temper or assault you in public. He displays extreme emotions of love and hatred.

2. He does not socialize or communicate

He has very low self esteem. He has probably left his job or has been fired due to incompetence. You find him elusive and into his own world. He may not step outside his room and stay indoors watching TV. He feels insecure meeting successful people.

3. He is shabbily dressed and does not shave or shower

Due to his depression and mental instability, he is not interested in leaving the house which means he wears the same old clothes for days. You have to push him to take a bath and shave. He creates a mess around him like everything is falling apart.

4. He constantly tests you

His rage extends to strange imaginations. If you have work, you are out with a male colleague or a friend it is quite likely that he doubts your intentions. He passes sly remarks and taunts you about flirting with other men and treating him as a “kept man”.

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