5 Things Not To Do When You’re Drunk

Things Not To Do When You're Drunk

It is an inevitable and well known fact that when one is drunk, it is impossible to remember, understand or comprehend the world around. In most cases you might not even be able to recall after a drink party. It is all going to be ok, as long as you remember not to do any below the belt things.

1. Accepting a drink or a pill

This is a very dangerous thing to do even when you aren’t drunk. But when you are drunk and not in your senses, it is best to avoid taking any sort of eatable or drinks from a newly met “trying to be friendly” stranger. Even pain relieving pills given out of sheer good will must not be accepted. If you feel ill, just head back home.

2. Going home with strangers

Again, this too is a bad idea irrespective of whether you are under alcohol influence or not. But when you have recently met someone and shared a few glasses of hot drinks, leave it at that. Neither should you invite the stranger to your house, nor should you accept his invitation!

3. Make Out With Your Ex or your best male friend

Stay away from an ex-boyfriend as much as possible. Don’t indulge in arguments or kissing sessions with an ex-boyfriend. Wait until you are sober to indulge in any sort of activity with an ex. Another thing to avoid is getting really intimate with a male friend when you are drunk. Remember not to do anything that you will regret later.

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