6 Tips to Remain Friends With Your Ex After Divorce

6 Tips to Remain Friends With Your Ex After Divorce

It can be difficult to come back to being friends with your ex-husband after getting divorced from him. Memories of the past may haunt you and the bitterness of your breakup may make it difficult for you to look past your ex-husband’s faults and become friends with him. Here are a few ways you can maintain a cordial relationship with you ex after you get divorced.

1. Stop being friends with your ex on Facebook

You will be obsessed about what your ex is upto if you remain friends with him on Facebook after your divorce. Stop being friends with him on Facebook to resist the urge to know who your ex is hanging out with or what is happening in his life. This may bring you back on neutral grounds to be able to maintain friendship with him without becoming too personally involved.

2. Forgive each other

You and your ex-husband won’t be able to stop pulling each other’s hair out unless you have a heart to heart chat and decide to leave your past behind. You can’t expect to be friends if you keep harboring bitterness for each other in your hearts. If you want to be friends with your ex after your divorce, first accept that your divorce is now a thing of the past and forgive each other.

3. Introduce each other to your new partners

You may feel awkward maintaining friendship with your ex by meeting him alone at some place. Introduce your new partner or date to your ex and ask him to do the same. All four of you can get together to catch up and make it a social do. This may help ease things out between your ex and your new date too, and it may also reduce the strange vibe between you and your ex.

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