11 Things You Never Knew About Easter Eggs

11 Things You Never Knew About Easter Eggs

Easter brings with it happy memories of resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this Day, Easter eggs are exchanged in order to celebrate Easter. Listed below are things related to Easter egg you were unaware about.

1. Easter eggs and chocolates have an old sweet link. Therefore, more than eighty million Easter eggs are sold each year on Easter. That means ten percent of the annual spending is attributed to Easter eggs alone.

2. Eggs are given on the Easter occasion. But, this tradition dates back to Egyptians and Greek rules. Greeks used to believe that Easter egg is the symbol of life.

3. In the medieval times, Easter eggs were boiled along with raw onions. This was done to get the golden color on the eggs.

4. There was an egg throwing festival which was held in church in the medieval times. The priest of the church used to throw a boiled egg to a random choirboy. That egg was then passed on from one boy to the other in the church. The boy who held the egg at 12 past midnight was declared as a winner.

5. Before 1873, people used to make cardboard eggs filled with gifts for their loved ones. It was only after 1873, the first chocolate Easter egg was made. It was made by Fry’s.

6. The crocodile finish that you notice on the Easter eggs was actually introduced to hide the imperfections of the chocolate Easter eggs. And, you thought it was something rear.

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