5 Unique Ideas for Spending Valentines Day

Unique Ideas for Spending Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day comes every year and every year we celebrate it with our loved ones. Although the love remains constant, the people and the way we celebrate it keeps changing. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with anyone depending on your marital status. You can spend it with friends if you are single, you can celebrate it with your parents, or you can go about making the day special for your boyfriend or your husband. The trick to never getting bored with your love life is to try put different things and the same applies to Valentine’s Day as well. You do not have to go out in a big way, but can celebrate it in unique ways without having to spend a lot of money. Here are some unique ideas for spending Valentine’s Day.

1. If you are single, pamper yourself

No one will love you enough, if you do not love yourself. Valentine’s Day is no reason to remain glum if you are single. Check into a spa or a salon and pamper yourself rotten. You can even go to a restaurant all by yourself and have loads of fun. Going to a bar on Valentine’s Day is also a great idea if you are looking to get hitched.

2. If you have a boyfriend, lie in for a day

Forget the roses, the gifts and the romantic night out, have a lie in, cuddle up, sleep or have loads of physical intimacy. Make it a day that id solely for you. If you are getting jaded, then this would be a chance to get your love life into track and bring back the spark into your relationship.

3. If you are married, get away for a day

Forget that you are a married couple for a day and take off like you would have when you were dating. Leave all the worries from your work and home behind and have a carefree wonderful time. Do what your heart desires and leave rational thinking for a day.

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