5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compromise on Your Career for Your Boyfriend

5 Reasons Why Shouldn't Compromise on Your Career for Your Boyfriend

‘Love vs Career’ has become a common dilemma for many people. Of course you can have the joys of both the things in your life, but balancing both is an art which all people do not possess. Immerse yourself in work all the time and you see your relationship falling apart. Spend all your time being a love sick puppy, and there goes your career down the drain. However, if you are more comfortable being in the former situation, then here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t compromise on your career for your boyfriend.

1. Nothing is permanent

Just like it is not guaranteed that you will have your job forever, it is also true that your boyfriend may not stick with you eternally. You may leave your job, move to another city as a solution to your long distance relationship. But what if he leaves you at the end of it? Having a job will at least ensure that you can afford to live your life at your own terms.

2. You need to give your family a worthy life

Of course your family would be happy as long as you are happy with your boyfriend, but there some personal obligations that you need to fulfill. Family forms the first connections in everyone’s lives, much before friends and lovers come into the scene. Your family is something that must have sacrificed countless things for your sake. If not for anything else, then focus on your career to give your family a happy and comfortable life.

3. Love will find a way

Focusing on your career would probably be a better option because a partner that you are meant to be with will naturally be supportive towards all your decisions and try his best to make it work in spite of all the hardships.

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