7 Best Things About Being a Married Woman

7 Best Things About Being A Married Woman

There is a lot of talk around about being single and how great the joys of singlehood are. But what people have forgotten about, are the best things about being a married woman. What’s so special about being married? Let’s find out some basics.

1. A secure life

Is there someone out here who does not want a secure and a comfortable life? Marriages create a sense of security amongst women. You feel secured about somebody wanting you, taking care of you, being possessive about you; apart from sharing financial burdens.

2. Lifetime companionship

Would you like to live a lonely life forever? After a point all friends get busy in their lives and your family can’t be there for you always, either. It is only a partner whom you can grow old with and share the same kind of intimacy and companionship all throughout your life.

3. A boon to motherhood

This does not mean that you cannot become a mother without getting married. But, marriage gives child a legal status that brings about a willing acceptance in the society and family circle. Getting pregnant by your husband is what all women seek, accept it or not!

4. Less taxed life

You get many benefits relating to tax after marriage. As a married couple, you save more money on tax than when you were single. You can avail special programs and benefits which are specially crafted for married couples. If you are not married, then you will be unable to avail such benefits.

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