6 Signs you are too Busy for your Boyfriend

6 Signs you are too Busy for your Boyfriend

Is your work and career more important than love? If your answer is ‘yes’, then sit back and reflect on the above thought. If you are too busy for your boyfriend, then your relationship will not survive for long. Listed below are some signs that you are too busy for him.

1. You avoid his calls

Are you avoiding or ignoring his calls? Time is the most important factor in a relationship. If you do not communicate with him on a daily basis, then your relationship might suffer badly. If you are ignoring his calls for work, think again. Love once lost won’t come again in life.

2. You don’t reply to his messages

Do you ever reply to all the messages your boyfriend sends you? Check your inbox or your chat application. If you have no time to reply, then you are not giving your hundred percent to the relationship.

3. You turn down dinner dates

If he calls you up for dinner and you tell him ‘no’, then think again. Agreed, you have your own reasons for saying ‘no’. If you do not spend time with him, he will get frustrated. Relationships work on a healthy balance, it is important to dedicate time for love. Do meet him often to avoid this situation.

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