5 Ways To Surprise Your Friends This Christmas

5 Ways To Surprise Your Friends This Christmas

Christmas is a time for pleasant surprises. It’s that season of the year where everyone wants to have fun and spread cheer and joy. One of the best ways of spreading the joy of Christmas is to give surprises to your near and dear ones. If you are short of ideas on what to do this Christmas, then here are a few suggestions on how you can surprise your friends this holiday season.

1. Bake their favorite goodies

This is quite easy, and can be done at home. Just bake your friends’ favorite cookies, breads etc. and send them in gift boxes via courier. These kinds of personalized Christmas gifts are appreciated by everyone and show how much you care for them.

2. Make them a video message

A great way of surprising your friends who live far away or away from home is to send them a video Christmas message. You could actually take personalized recorded video messages from all near and dear ones of a particular friend of yours, edit it all together, and send it on a DVD to him or her if he/she stays far away. This is a perfect gift for those who couldn’t make it home for Christmas.

3. Dress as Santa and visit them

Another great way to spread Christmas joy and give a surprise to your friends is to land up at their house dressed as Santa and then give them a gift. Work harder on your Santa disguise, if you want to keep them guessing for long on who you actually are!

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