6 Health Benefits of Muskmelon

6 Health Benefits of Muskmelon

If you are wondering which fruit you should include in your daily diet to increase your nutritional intake, muskmelon can be one of your choices. Muskmelons, also called cantaloupes, tend to get ignored because of their plain taste and looks. But they are extremely good for you. Here are a few health benefits of muskmelons.

1. Muskmelons are full of vitamins and minerals

Rarely will you find fruits that can fulfill almost all your nutritional requirements. Eating muskmelons will ensure that you get your daily quota of Vitamin A, B, C, K, folate, magnesium, fiber and potassium. Fiber helps in preventing constipation, Vitamin A improves skin health and Vitamin C ensures the absorption of iron from the bloodstream. Most people throw away the white seeds found when a muskmelon when it is cut open, but those seeds are nutritious too. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are very important for controlling inflammation in the body.

2. Muskmelons help in maintaining heart health

Muskmelons are known to be very good fruits for people with heart ailments or those who are constantly watching their heart health. Some of the most common causes of a heart attack are excessive stress, hypertension and diabetes. Muskmelons are rich in potassium which is known to lower blood pressure by diluting the impact of sodium concentration in the body. Melons are also known to have a pigment called lycopene which prevents cell damage and reduces chances of a heart attack.

3. Muskmelons are good for menstruating women

Menstruating women often go through much discomfort during periods which includes heavy blood flow and inflammation. Eating muskmelons during menstruation can reduce blood clots and may also help in keeping blood flow in control. Since muskmelons also have anti-inflammatory elements, consuming them may prevent abdominal and lower back pains.

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