6 Ways to End an Extra Marital Affair

6 Ways to End an Extra Marital Affair

Are you stuck in an extramarital affair that you can’t get yourself out of? Ending an extramarital affair involves deciding your priorities and acting in a way that helps you move on in life. Here are some tips to help you end your extramarital affair and focus on your marriage.

1. Make your priorities very clear

It will become impossible to end your extramarital affair if you don’t take the first step of making your priorities clear in your own head. You will need to decide on whether you want to totally cut off the extramarital affair and work on your marriage, or you want to go in another direction. Hard decisions cannot be made unless there is a goal and in your case, this goal is deciding which relationship you want to save.

2. Be aware that you will have to hurt someone emotionally

If you want to break off an extramarital affair, you should be prepared to bear the guilt of hurting someone emotionally. You may save your marriage but in doing so, you will end up hurting the guy you are having an affair with. He will be hurt emotionally because he will feel dumped by you. Make this thing very clear in your head so that you don’t have second thoughts when the moment comes to letting go of your extramarital affair.

3. Stop procrastinating and act on the decision at the earliest

Most extramarital affairs spiral out of control when the parties involved keep procrastinating the decision to break it. This happens because it is a tough decision to make especially when temptations stop you from thinking clearly. It is commonly said that ending an extramarital affair is like quitting smoking, you must do it immediately and you must stop completely. Half hearted efforts or procrastination will only worsen the situation of your life.

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