6 Tips to be the Woman Every Man Craves For

6 Tips to be the Woman Every Man Craves For

It’s not just beauty that men look for in women. Women need to have a perfect blend of looks and characteristics in order to be attractive and appealing. To be a woman every man craves for, you can do the following.

1. Dress up

Whatever your looks are, accentuate it by dressing appropriately. Right from costume to make up, make sure you put on only what is best for you. Accessorize aptly and experiment with new looks every now and then.

2. Listen more

Women are known to be chatter boxes. For a woman to be liked by men, you must let them speak too. Nag less and listen more. Men like to talk too, but only when they know that they have a loyal listener at the other end. You don’t need to give advice or voice your opinion. Just listen.

3. Be understanding

Don’t stick to your point of view. Instead, look from the man’s angle and try to understand what he is going through. Be a compassionate human being with regards for others’ feelings and wishes. Don’t let him feel guilty for his misgivings.

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  1. Origami_Isopod says:

    What kind of sexist bullshit is this?

  2. Tiago Lima says:

    Please remove the photo I’ve taken from this article as it was used without my knowledge and permission.

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