6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Argo

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Argo

Argo swept numerous accolades in various categories at the Oscars 2013, and other award ceremonies this season. If you are wondering which DVD you should pick up to watch next, rest your choice on the Ben Affleck directed masterpiece, Argo. Here are a few reasons why this political thriller is a must watch in 2013.

1. Realistic recreation of the late seventies and early eighties

Argo is a must watch because of the sheer technical excellence that the crew has achieved in recreating the late seventies and early eighties setting required for the story of the film. Even the official DVD of Argo has special features on how the film’s crew painstakingly made sure that every detail of that period was accurately recreated through costumes, props, dialogues and sets.

2. A star cast of veteran actors

Argo not only has a power packed script but also a stellar star cast. Apart from Ben Affleck himself, the film features veteran actors including Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Victor Garber. Most of these actors have been nominated for famous awards through their careers and have given a remarkable performance in Argo.

3. Multiple award winning film

Argo was nominated for the Oscars in seven categories out of which it won three, for Best Film Editing, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. The film was also previously nominated for five Golden Globe awards out of which it won two. Lastly, the film also won three BAFTA awards and one Screen Actors Guild Award.

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