6 Signs Your Boyfriend is Thinking of Marriage

 6 Signs Your Boyfriend is Thinking of Marriage

Getting over someone you have loved so much is very painful. You feel that you are never going to move on and be physically and emotionally prepared to enter a new relationship. Here are 6 ways to know that you are ready for a new relationship.

1. You can be friends again with your ex

After you have put an end to all the communication with your ex, you meet this great guy you can be with. But each time you look at him, you feel guilty. You need to call your ex and find out if you are still in the same place. Perhaps, after being friends again you would realize that you were only meant to be friends.

2. You don’t find it difficult to have a sexual relationship with your boyfriend

When you sleep with the guy in a new relationship, you realize that everything is perfect. The physical chemistry is beautiful and you can’t get enough of each other. It helps you realize that you are ready now.

3. You don’t have any feelings for your ex on seeing him after a long time

If you see your ex after a long time and if you’re still single, you need to analyze your feelings. Do your feelings take over your emotion? Do you not feel anything at all? If you don’t feel anything then you are ready for a new relationship.

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