6 Awesome Facts About Amal Alamuddin, Fiancee of George Clooney

Awesome Facts About Amal Alamuddin, Fiancee of George Clooney

So finally the eternal bachelor of Hollywood gets hooked and how. Just six months after he made a pretty bold statement of how he was never going to get married again and had no such intentions, here comes the announcement that George Clooney is engaged. This time Clooney has outdone himself in the girlfriend and fiancé department and got himself a beauty with brains, for amal alamudin is not only a stunner but also a lawyer, a human rights lawyer who has worked on a lot of high profile cases and has even made it to the top 10 list of hottest barristers in Britain. Here are some more facts about this awesome woman who has captivated George Clooney and even end of marrying him.

1. Amal Alamudin was born in Beirut, Lebanon

And that is where she gets her gorgeous skin, eyes and hair. She is so exotic looking and also is highly qualified with law degrees from oxford and New York University. Talk about being blessed with both beauty and brains.

2. She was famous and well respected even she became known as George Clooney’s girlfriend or fiancé

She has specialized in international law and hands human rights. She has also been involved in a lot of high profile cases including that of Julian Assange. Also notable is the fact that she is special advisor to Kofi Annan. She is based in London and made the hottest list of Barristers in London.

3. She gets along fabulously with his Hollywood friends

There have been a lot of spotting of the couple with his friends enjoying dinner or a holiday and from the looks of it, it seems like she has already got into his circle of friends and is also getting along fabulously with them. Some of these friends include Cindy Crawford and Emily Blunt.

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