6 Things to Know About a Gemini Man

Things to Know About a Gemini Man

Born between May 21 and June 20, a Gemini man can be your dream come true and also be a heartbreaker at the same time. Gemini’s symbol is twins and staying true to that, a Gemini can be two people at the same time. Just when you think it can’t get any more romantic with him, he will bring you down to earth by being very cold and practical. You need to be a practical and stable person to be able to handle a Gemini. Here are some things to know about a Gemini man.

1. Imaginative

A Gemini man is highly imaginative, intelligent and creative. He can give an interesting twist to almost anything. He is very good with words and can just say the right words to melt your heart. Even a boring dull conversation will look and sound very interesting when you make him talk and when he is in his element. His curious nature lets him read a lot and know a lot of things. He also analyzes very well and that makes him one of the greatest speakers and orators.

2. Adventurous

Adventure can be his middle name. He dislikes routine and wants as much as excitement in his life as possible. He would take you to the most interesting places and also would expect you to interest him and kindle his intellect. Sex can be pretty wild with him as he is constantly trying to better himself and also experimenting with a lot of different toys and positions. He can also be an exasperating lover, childlike and wanting one minute to being very cold the next minute.

3. Charming and quick witted

He will never lack in friends as he is quick-witted and extremely charming. He can charm the pants off anyone and there will be no dearth of invitations to parties. Since he is also a logical thinker, people would gravitate towards him for advice on a lot of things. Even when he is exasperatingly logical and practical, the things that he says make sense and people grudgingly see the truth in it.

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