7 Tips to Ensure That He Finds You Funny

Tips to Ensure That He Finds You Funny

Say you are going for your college prom, or a new year’s party or any other social gathering. You want to be your best version so that guys in the party find you hot, sexy, attractive, fun to be with, easy to tap with etc. You might be on a date with a particular guy and he may be really turned on by you, but if you are unable to strike a conversation or even worse make him laugh, it may turn out to be a boring evening or a short fling. Below are the things which you can do or say to make a guy think you are funny.

1. Animated conversations

One way to ensure that a guy you just met or bumped into at a party finds you funny is to make the conversation animated. Make hand gestures to indicate or demonstrate your views.

2. Make light conversation

You may start with a topic of general interest but slowly move on to lighter subjects. Support your talks with odd and intriguing experiences from the past.

3. Use facial expressions to express humor

Talk a lot with your facial expressions to add a pinch of laughter to the talk.

4. The right kind of humor

Remember that being funny does not mean you have to crack jokes all the time or laugh on every single joke cracked by someone. Also, being funny does not require you to behave as a clown.

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