6 Things that Make You Look 5 Years Younger

6 Things that Make You Look 5 Years Younger

Do you wish to look young? Of course you do. After all, who does not want to look young! But, the question is how would you look younger? Well, there are many products available in market, that brag of the ‘look young label’. Are those things genuine? This generally depends on personal use. Listed here is an update on things that may help you to look 5 years younger.

1. Practice yoga to look young

Regular practice of yoga makes you look younger by 5 years. However, you have to follow this practice religiously. There are many asanas such as AnulomVilom and Kapalbhati, which help your skin to look younger. Yoga also helps to reduce fine lines and age spots from your skin.

2. Have a healthy diet

A good skin care practice begins with a healthy diet. The food you have has a direct impact on your skin. A good diet helps to keep your skin fresh and young. Have two portions of fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Have lots of liquids in different forms. Healthy diet can make you look younger by almost 5 to 10 years.

3. Practice a skin care regime

Due to hectic lifestyle, most women ignore skin care regime. This affects the skin and causes fine lines and wrinkles. To make your skin look younger, it is important to follow a skin care regime that includes toning and moisturizing. Even exfoliating your face once every week makes your skin look younger.

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