10 Most Annoying Facebook Habits

10 Most Annoying Facebook Habits

Facebook has literally changed the face of social networking websites. You seem to be connected with everyone all the time and sometimes it can be pretty annoying! And to add to this, there are the annoying habits of some of your Facebook ‘friends’ that really drive you mad. Read on to know whether you are a victim of one of these most annoying Facebook habits, or worse whether you have one of these habits.

1. Flooding someone’s wall with one-liner messages

Too much is too rude! Okay, you care for the person but do you really need to flood his/her wall with your stupid one-liners? Come on, give the other person a break!

2. ‘Liking’ inappropriate statuses/items

Someone’s grandfather expires and he posts it on Facebook and one of that person’s Facebook friends, who is into the habit of ‘liking’ all the items, actually ‘likes’ that too! Yes, this happens. Please do not like inappropriate items/ bad news or sad statuses!

3. Posting minute to minute updates

‘Woke up to a wonderful morning’
‘Had a delicious breakfast’
‘Waiting for the bus’
‘Boring meeting!’
‘Can’t wait to have my lunch!’
Sounds familiar? Well, some of the people are compulsive Facebook users who feel it’s their moral duty to update everyone about their status every other minute. Please take a break, and give others a break too! Too frequent updates make other people think you are free. Well, you may be free for Facebook, but others might not be! So give them time to read something else!

4. Getting too personal on Facebook

Please understand that Facebook is not as personal as one to one chatting. So do refrain from posting personal miseries or other personal information as status updates! It’s a social networking site, so have your ‘social’ manners updated!

5. Posting intimate photographs of your love life

You might be enjoying that, but others might not! So do not post your intimate and passionate photographs and the likes!

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