8 Tips To Make A Good Resume

8 Tips To Make A Good Resume

Are you planning to apply for a job? Are you struggling while drafting your resume? In that case, we have something very important to tell you. Your resume is certainly the bearer of your first impression and the first impression is seen as crucial in a professional scenario. Hence, it becomes equally crucial to pay a lot of attention in the preparation of your resume. Your resume should be made in such a way that it leaves a positive and stimulating impact on the interviewer. It can also improve your chances of getting your dream job. It can be one of the factors that can decide your entry or exit from an organization you have applied for. Hence, it’s extremely important to know how to create a resume. Take a look at these tips.

1. Look for the length of your resume

Try to keep your resume short yet impressive. Long resumes usually get difficult to read. You must be aware of the fact that people going through your resume have many such resumes to skim through and decide. They cannot and usually do not devote much time on one resume. So to please and impress them, be careful about the length of the resume.

2. Include work related information

Try to include mostly work related information in it. People usually write about their hobbies and many other things. If you wish to include such information, try to keep it as short as you can. Work related information denoting your professional skills and qualities should be stressed as much as possible in your resume.

3. Use bullets

Use bullet points and short paragraphs having information in a crisp and attractive form. Bullet points are attention catchers unlike lengthy paragraphs.

4. Use numbers in place of words

Try to use numbers instead of using words, wherever required. For eg. use “5” in place of “five”. It is an effective way to give out information and it also saves the reader’s time.

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