8 Fun Day Date Ideas

8 Fun Day Date Ideas

Want to enjoy your date and do something exciting as well? If you’re not going for the regular night dates of a movie-n-dinner and want to spend a whole day with your partner, then this is the right place. We’ll tell you ways in which you can have fun day dates. Given here are some fun day date ideas.

1. Enjoy a hot air balloon

Going particularly nowhere and having no destination in mind seems like a romantic date idea and it is! Grab your partner, rent a hot air balloon and enjoy the view. This is a great time to have a heartfelt conversation with one another. You can also pack in some snacks or lunch if you’re going to be flying for long.

2. Taste some wine

There are quite a few local vineyards to choose from if you decide to go wine tasting. If you both love drinking and don’t mind tasting the fine varieties of wine in daylight, then this is one of the best fun day date ideas.

3. Head over to a theater

If romance and drama is your cup of tea, then watch a musical or a play. Broadway tickets are easy to get once you plan in advance. If not, you can also opt for a local theater group that’s performing in your vicinity.

4. Go ice skating

Ice skating gives you and your partner some quality time together and also is a great way to spend your day. You can go to a outdoor pond or head to an indoor rink. Whatever option you choose, you can truly enjoy the intimacy you share. Why? You even get your partner to hold you snuggly if you aren’t experienced at ice skating. Otherwise you two can hold hands and have a gala time.

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