8 Signs You are Tending Towards Anorexia

8 Signs You are Tending Towards Anorexia

Are you going through a patch of eating problems? Do you not feel like eating much? If yes, then, don’t take this situation lightly as it could be anorexia you are developing. Observe for the below signs and you will know if its anorexia or not.

1. Sudden weight loss

If you have a tendency to loose weight on small stress issues then the sudden weight loss is okay, but if not and all of a sudden you have lost too much of weight, you could be developing anorexia.

2. Obsession about appearance

Obsession about how you look and acting accordingly is also a sign of anorexia. You develop food habits based on calories and fat it contains so you do not put on weight. If this is against your basic nature, then you should consult a doctor for anorexia.

3. Social outings are reduced

If you have started declining invitations for social gatherings and parties which involve indulgence of food and drink, it could be a sign you are tending towards anorexia. You may also cut down your dinner outings with friends and family.

4. Cook for others

Anorexic people develop a habit to cook for others. They collect recipes from sources and cook meals for others but do not eat themselves.

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