6 Things You Must Consider Before Changing Careers

6 Things You Must Consider Before Changing Careers

If your current job makes you feel bored, burnt out, unsatisfied and frustrated, the time might be perfect for you to make the big change. An unfulfilled or an unchallenged job that compels you to drag yourself to work each day is an indication for you to switch careers. However, changing careers require diligent efforts and immense planning. Given below are the key factors that you can consider to weigh your options before being ready for a career change.

1. Problem in your current job profile

Try finding out what is it about the current job profile that you dislike the most. Before considering other career option, you should analyze if it is the current job profile, present employer or your boss that you dislike, or if it is the career or the skill sets that you hate. Have clarity on whether you actually need to switch careers or is it just the job change that will work for you.

2. Evaluating yourself

Once you are aware that a career change is a must, there is a strong need to assess your skill sets, values, personality traits and interests. For this you can seek help from a career counselor or any career development professional. Those of you who do not wish to seek any help can opt for various self-assessment tools that are available on the internet for free.

3. Transferable skills sets

Certain in born talents or those developed in the course of working with your past employer are not industry specific. These are the skill sets that can be utilized in many different careers. For instance, a good management skill or people management skills are required in every career. You thus need to analyze any such trait that you have which can help you in your new career.

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