How to Cure Hot Flashes In Menopause Naturally

How to Cure Hot Flashes In Menopause Naturally

Hot flashes are a common occurrence in women either during the menopausal stage or at times much after that. The intensity and complication may vary from one individual to another depending on age, physical activities, health of an individual and diet. Depending on the severity of the issue, one may seek medicinal intervention, but a moderate degree of this problem can be dealt proficiently at an individual level by exercising a few natural remedies for hot flashes. Listed here are some such natural cures for hot flashes.

1. Alteration in lifestyle

Generally women in this age go through a mid-life crisis, thus a modification in lifestyle can by far and large affect the natural process of controlling hot flashes. Few simple breathing exercises, meditation, a one hour walk or light exercises can help alleviate your mood and lower stress levels. 85% of women suffering from hot flashes have reported a remarkable relief by alterations in lifestyle.

2. Modifications in diet

In your diet, try cutting down on coffee, sugar, fried or fast food, as these are said to alleviate mood swings and increase occurrence of hot flashes too. Substitute your hot beverage with green tea and fried food with baked one. Never skip meals, as it aggravates the problem of hot flashes in women.

3. Cool body temperature

Maintaining a cooler body temperature is an efficient and effective natural remedy for alleviating intense hot flashes. Sipping cold drinks, wearing cotton garments and being in air conditioned rooms helps in controlling hot flashes.

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