Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day! We have a heartwarming collection of articles for all fathers to read. So kick back and relax this Father’s Day!

1. 6 New Ways to Surprise Your Father on Father’s Day

Father’s day is the special occasion to express your gratitude towards your old man for all the little things that he has taught you since you were a little girl. Whether it is your first bicycle or your driving license, fathers lend you unwavering support. Here are 6 new ways to surprise your father on father’s day.

2. 4 Father’s Day Ideas for Kids

As a mother, are you looking for ways to make this Fathers day special for your husband and kids? Well, there are some great fathers day ideas for kids that we share here. The best part is that you can involve your husband as well and have double fun! Read and benefit!

3. 5 Father’s Day Activities to Make the Day Special

Are you looking for some cool ways to make this father’s day special? Here they are!

4. 5 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

There is nothing more special than a gift made out of love. So, this father’s day we present some homemade fathers day gift ideas, which you can use to make a special gift for your father.

5. 7 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Listed below are some cool and awesome father’s day gift ideas that we know you will love. They are all easy, interesting and unique. And most of these gifts can be made at home and so are very inexpensive.

6. 5 Expensive Gifts that You can Give Your Father on the Coming Father’s Day

It is Fathers’ Day and if you are thinking of something special to gift your dad, you should read further. Fathers’ Day is just another excuse to let the special one know how much you mean to him. Gifts are symbolic of your love and if you want to wow your father, you can do so with some scintillating ideas.

7. 6 Best Celebrity Fathers

Father’s Day is just around the corner and the world wants to know who the best celebrity fathers are. So without wasting time, quickly jump to this list of top 6 celebrity fathers the world takes pride in.

8. 10 Father’s Day Quotes for You
Celebrate this Father’s Day with a real meaning. Here are some beautiful quotes by some of the famous people that describe the perfect bond between a father and child. Have a closer look.

9. 15 Reasons to Admire Your Father

Over a century, Father’s Day has been celebrated across the world but at different times of the year. Nevertheless, it is yet another day to help you show your commitment and affection to a special person who has given you a lot more than he could afford in a lifetime. The day is one more reason to remind you of all the things he has done for you – the reasons you admire your father.

10. 6 Movies that Beautifully Portray the Father-Child Relationship

A father is any child’s first hero. You tried to do just what your papa did and repeated all that he said. A father has the power and ability to influence and overwhelm a young mind subtly but suitably. A rare charm that is so very unique to fathers around the world. Some movies have managed to capture the power and innocence of a father-child relationship so much so that it moves you visibly. Here’s a list of some such movies that beautifully portray the father-child relationship.

11. 10 Quotes about Father You Must Read

A father is his daughter’s first love and his son’s first hero. That’ is why is very special to us. Here are some interesting Father’s Day quotes to put a smile on your dad’s face. So have a quick read and text him the best you love.

12. 9 Interesting Father’s Day Facts

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, although one must note that this is not a universally accepted day. More interestingly, Mother’s Day has been a far more popular holiday across the world and its celebration has been in vogue for much longer than Father’s Day. In fact, the whole idea of celebrating Father’s Day came into existence because of the existence of something called Mother’s Day.

13. 50 Reasons Why You Must Love Your Father

My father is my Hero; the meaning of the line is simple. Every child wants to be like his or her father. Most of the kids see their father as their idol. On this fathers day, here are 50 reasons why you must love your father.

14. 5 Things to Learn from Your Father

Even great thinkers like Mark Twain believed that you understand your father’s capabilities and wisdom better as you grow up. There is a lot to be learnt from your father, especially when you are willing to look beyond your rebellious prejudices that are created due to an obvious generation gap. Here are some of the things that you can learn from your father.

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