Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day! We have a heartwarming collection of articles for all fathers to read. So kick back and relax this Father’s Day!

1. 50 Reasons Why You Must Love Your Father
My father is my Hero; the meaning of the line is simple. Every child wants to be like his or her father. Most of the kids see their father as their idol. On this fathers day, here are 50 reasons why you must love your father.

2. 4 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad
How do you make a day special for a special person in your life? There are so many things said about the sacrifices and the love a mother has for a child. The role played by a dad in a child’s life is seldom spoken about and very rarely appreciated. If anything, dad’s are always under the spotlight and their every action or inaction when it comes to bringing up their kids is scrutinized. Most dads’ get a raw deal out of the whole thing. Although they might do their best to be around for the kid, it is the mom that most kids run to when they are disturbed or when they want something. You may have done your share of dad bashing too when you felt like he wasn’t spending enough time with you. If you are very thankful and do not know how to put it across, or feeling guilty and looking for an opportunity to ask for forgiveness, do not look too far as Father’s day is the perfect day to let him know how you feel and also make him feel special. Here are some ways to make Father’s day special for your dad.

3. 4 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ This Father’s Day
Father’s Day is round the corner and you must be breaking your head on what to do for him and what to do with him. With the plethora of choices when it comes to gifts, you would be completely stressed out just thinking what to gift him. But more than material gifts and letting him know that you love him with a perfunctory phone call or a card, you need to really thank your dad. There are so many reasons you need do thank your dad for. He has brought you up over the years, spent on you without complaining, cried over your heartaches, taken you to places, introduced you to things, been your best friend when you wanted him, been a disciplinarian when you deserved it and much more. Although you can never say enough of thank you, here are some ways you can thank this wonderful human being called dad.

4. 4 Reasons to Appreciate Your Dad This Father’s Day
Although a child spends a lot of time with the mother, it also ends up loving the dad equally. The bond a child shares with the father is very different from that of the mother and is in no way any lesser. You may have fought with your dad, had problems with him being stern, rebelled against his wishes and deadlines, sometimes even wished that he were a different person. But through it all, your father would have been a steadying influence and a rock to lean on any time you needed him. Even if your father had been distant with you when you were growing up, or had been away at work for most of your growing years, you will realize that his presence was around even if he was not physically present. There are so many reasons as to why you need to show some appreciation for this precious person in your life. Here are some reasons to appreciate your dad this Father’s day.

5. 9 Interesting Father’s Day Facts
Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, although one must note that this is not a universally accepted day. More interestingly, Mother’s Day has been a far more popular holiday across the world and its celebration has been in vogue for much longer than Father’s Day. In fact, the whole idea of celebrating Father’s Day came into existence because of the existence of something called Mother’s Day.

6. 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day
Although not as celebrated as mothers, fathers do play an important role in the life of a child. A father is seen as the role model, the stoic figure everyone goes to for advice, comfort and a little sense when in trouble. The celebration of Father’s day can be attributed to Sonora Smart Dodd. She started this in her hometown of Spokane in honor of her father and initially wanted it on be celebrated on the 5th of June which was her father’s birthday. But because the priests did not have enough time to prepare the sermon and arrange the services, it was postponed to the third Sunday of June and it has been celebrated on the same day ever since. Just like Mother’s day, Father’s day too honors the love a father has for his children and it is a day that is dedicated to all the fathers of the world. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Father’s day.

7. 10 Father’s Day Quotes for You
Celebrate this Father’s Day with a real meaning. Here are some beautiful quotes by some of the famous people that describe the perfect bond between a father and child. Have a closer look.

8. 5 Movies To Watch With Your Dad On Father’s Day
It is only for a few years in your life that you would enjoy being taken out to the movies with your dad. Then you grow up, develop your own tastes, would want to go out with friends or with your partner and going out to the movies with your dad becomes a distant memory. You still would not want to go watch a movie with him as you may find his taste boring, but think for a minute how much fun he would have really had watching reruns of cartoons and princess movies with you. For this father’s day, you could either grit your teeth and watch a few classics with him or show him a few movies that you like, giving him an idea about your tastes. If you are both lucky, you can also have the same taste and watch a really good movie together. It really depends on your taste and your dads on what to watch but here are some great movies that can be watched on Father’s day.

9. 4 Coolest Father’s Day Gifts
A father plays a lot of roles in a child’s life. He is the first role model for any kid as the kid tries to emulate the father in a lot of ways from a young age. The father is the stern disciplinarian, the kind parent, the cool adult, the responsible second figure after the mother and a lot of other things. Along with the mother, the father too spends a lot of sleepless nights as the kids grow up. When you were a baby, he helped with the night feeds. When you were a toddler, he ran around matching up to your energy. When you hit teenage, he stayed up late waiting for you to get back home on time and when you are all grown up ready to fly the nest, he makes sure he does his best to make you happy even if he is sad to see you go. It is difficult to come up with a gift for such a guy who has given you a lot in his life but you too can do your best. Here are some suggestions for some of the coolest Father’s day gifts.

10. 10 Quotes about Father You Must Read
A father is his daughter’s first love and his son’s first hero. That’ is why is very special to us. Here are some interesting Father’s Day quotes to put a smile on your dad’s face. So have a quick read and text him the best you love.

11. 6 New Ways to Surprise Your Father on Father’s Day
Father’s day is the special occasion to express your gratitude towards your old man for all the little things that he has taught you since you were a little girl. Whether it is your first bicycle or your driving license, fathers lend you unwavering support. Here are 6 new ways to surprise your father on father’s day.

12. 4 Father’s Day Ideas for Kids
As a mother, are you looking for ways to make this Fathers day special for your husband and kids? Well, there are some great fathers day ideas for kids that we share here. The best part is that you can involve your husband as well and have double fun! Read and benefit!

13. 5 Father’s Day Activities to Make the Day Special
Are you looking for some cool ways to make this father’s day special? Here they are!

14. 5 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts
There is nothing more special than a gift made out of love. So, this father’s day we present some homemade fathers day gift ideas, which you can use to make a special gift for your father.

15. 7 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Listed below are some cool and awesome father’s day gift ideas that we know you will love. They are all easy, interesting and unique. And most of these gifts can be made at home and so are very inexpensive.

16. 5 Expensive Gifts that You can Give Your Father on the Coming Father’s Day

17. It is Fathers’ Day and if you are thinking of something special to gift your dad, you should read further. Fathers’ Day is just another excuse to let the special one know how much you mean to him. Gifts are symbolic of your love and if you want to wow your father, you can do so with some scintillating ideas.

18. 6 Best Celebrity Fathers
Father’s Day is just around the corner and the world wants to know who the best celebrity fathers are. So without wasting time, quickly jump to this list of top 6 celebrity fathers the world takes pride in.

19. 15 Reasons to Admire Your Father
Over a century, Father’s Day has been celebrated across the world but at different times of the year. Nevertheless, it is yet another day to help you show your commitment and affection to a special person who has given you a lot more than he could afford in a lifetime. The day is one more reason to remind you of all the things he has done for you – the reasons you admire your father.

20. 6 Movies that Beautifully Portray the Father-Child Relationship
A father is any child’s first hero. You tried to do just what your papa did and repeated all that he said. A father has the power and ability to influence and overwhelm a young mind subtly but suitably. A rare charm that is so very unique to fathers around the world. Some movies have managed to capture the power and innocence of a father-child relationship so much so that it moves you visibly. Here’s a list of some such movies that beautifully portray the father-child relationship.

21. 5 Things to Learn from Your Father
Even great thinkers like Mark Twain believed that you understand your father’s capabilities and wisdom better as you grow up. There is a lot to be learnt from your father, especially when you are willing to look beyond your rebellious prejudices that are created due to an obvious generation gap. Here are some of the things that you can learn from your father.

22. 4 Reasons Father’s Day Should Be as Big as Mother’s Day
A father is a special person in a kid’s life. Although the kid spends a lot of time with the mother soon after the birth, it comes to love the dad equally and that says a lot about the bond a father shares with the kid. The bond between a mother and her child is spoken about a lot and it is usually the mothers who are shown as being the paragon of sacrifice, filled with love and as willing to give up anything for the kid. Although this is true, the role played by the father in a kid’s life and in keeping the family together should not be underplayed and never be discounted. Throughout the years, Mother’s day has been celebrated with much fanfare and it is only lately that Father’s day has been getting its due. Here are some reasons as to why Father’s day should be as big as Mother’s day.

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