4 Dangers Bounce Houses Pose to Children

Dangers Bounce Houses Pose to Children

A bounce house is a lot of fun for both kids and parents alike. Kids have so much fun bouncing off that parents are overjoyed to see them being so happy. Gone are the days when bounce houses were only part of fairs and amusement parks. These days you can either buy one if you can afford it or you can rent a bounce house or a moon walk for a birthday party or any other celebration in the house. As much as fun it is, you should also remember that you need to be extremely careful when letting your children or other children play in the bounce house. A research and study published by the pediatrics has come out with the alarming fact that on an average day there are about 46 kids being treated for injuries resulting from playing in bounce houses. Although not fatal, some of these injuries are serious enough to warrant a visit to the emergency room. Little kids and toddlers should not be allowed with bigger kids as they can get trampled in a large group. Here are some other dangers bounce houses pose to children.

1. Fracture

Of all the emergency room visits, fractures were the most common and most serious. When there is a large group of kids playing in the bounce house, the decibel level and the activity is bound to be high. With all the running around and jumping, it is very easy for kids to fall down and get run over. Although a fall in a bounce house will not result in a fracture, arms and legs colliding with each other will surely do. Fracture is one concern you always need to be worried about when kids play in a bounce house.

2. Sprains

You also need to prepare yourself to deal with sprains. Sprain of the neck and ankles are very common when playing in a bounce house. Since the surface is not hard or firm, the feet are never firmly planted for long and this causes a lot of ankle sprains. When kids fall head first in the bounce house, the fall causes their neck to take the brut and causes it to sprain. You should always tell your kids that it is not ok to fall head first in a bounce house only because the surface is soft.

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