6 Signs You Are Neglecting Your Children

6 Signs You Are Neglecting Your Children

A child is as delicate as a flower and without proper love and care, damage is done and growth is stunted. From the time your child is born, he/she is fully dependent on you for all of his/her physical and mental needs. You not only have to provide for his/her food, clothing and shelter, you must also give him/her lots of love, care, moral support, time, respect, encouragement, motivation, attention and numerous other things. If, however, you fail to do so, your child will begin to show signs of neglect. Listed below are the major 6 signs that you are neglecting your child.

1. Difficulty in concentration and learning

If your child lacks the ability to concentrate and learn, he/she may be a victim of neglect. If you find that your child is disinterested in studies or any creative endeavor like drawing or craft, he/she may be neglected and some of his basic needs may not be fulfilled.

2. Poor health/malnourishment

If your child falls sick often, he/she may be neglected. Your child is not receiving adequate nourishment that a youngster of his/her age needs. Check his/her eating habits, see whether he/she is having a balanced diet and take steps to cut down his/her intake of junk food. Malnourishment is one of the sure signs of neglect.

3. Depression and sleepiness

Your child is most of the time not very interested in the things going around. He/she is always depressed, unhappy and not cheerful enough as someone his/her age should be. If your child does not like playing or watching TV and is always sleepy, he/she is a victim of neglect.

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