6 Tips to Keep Your Kids Away from Vices

6 Tips to Keep Your Kids Away from Vices

Children at an impressionable age are very vulnerable to the influence of smoking, drinking, drug consumption and other vices. If you are concerned about this matter, here are a few ways in which you can keep your kids away from vices.

1. Show them an example of another kid who is a victim of vices

One of the best ways in which you can drive home the negative impact of vices in your kids is by showing them a real life example. Point out the case of someone in your family or social circle who has been impacted by a vice. This could include smoking, drug abuse or alcoholism. A real life example will make your kids see the effects of vices for real. It will help your children to imagine what could happen to them if they became victims of a vice.

2. Talk to them about the dangers of vices

Don’t assume that your kids already know about different vices and how they are bad for them. In fact, their lack of knowledge about these things could make them more vulnerable. Irrespective of whether they are being warned about vices in school or not, you should play your part as a parent and talk to them about it in detail. Discuss the dangers posed by smoking, drinking and drugs at length.

3. Take them to regular counseling sessions

Anti drug counseling sessions at your children’s schools or in your community can be helpful to keep them off vices. Such sessions expose children to online and offline resources, helping them to enhance their power of exercising discretion. Your kids will also be taught how to handle peer pressure and social dynamics. These may be the driving factors for them to take up a vice in the first place.

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