9 Mistakes People Make On Facebook

9 Mistakes People Make On Facebook

Wish to know what mistakes people make on Facebook? Then, read ahead. Listed here are mistakes people make – everything from the funny ones, to the disastrous ones, to the unforgivable ones, to the embarrassing ones!

1. Liking their own status/pictures/posts

Why? Why would someone want to come off as extremely desperate and wannabe is beyond comprehension! What normal person in their right mind blows their own horn, in public?!

2. Messing up with grammar

“I did went to the Grammy’s”. Even if you are sharing with the world a news as great as that, your stupid basic grammatical error will make you the biggest jerk!

3. Sending friend requests to anyone

Okay, so you have like a hundred mutual friends with someone, does not mean you know them and they want to be your friend. Anyway, having a ton of friends online does not mean you are popular, just makes you sad for wanting so much approval from those around you!

4. Spamming

It’s hard to understand why some people are so stupid that they cannot observe the fact that “Click here to see who viewed your profile?” is nothing but a hoax that will spam their friends’ walls!

5. Praising their own self

“Omg! I am so hot”, “Check out my site”. Until and unless you are awesomely hot and a stripper, no one cares. In fact, they will just get annoyed and hate you. So please abstain from making such a horrendous mistake.

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