6 Reasons To Turn Vegetarian

6 Reasons To Turn Vegetarian

For someone who has grown up being fond of eggs, fish, chicken and meat, it really is very difficult, if not impossible, to altogether give it up. Turning entirely vegetarian at one go is quite a demanding task, but the benefits it provides are plenty. If you are not a vegetarian and are considering turning vegetarian, keep in mind that even if you have to restrain yourself from eating all the apparently tasty stuff for quite some time, you will feel motivated when you focus on the benefits you are gaining. Listed below are the top 6 reasons to turn vegetarian.

1. It increases longevity

If your diet is entirely vegetarian, you are likely to live longer. If you want to live a long life, turn vegetarian, as a vegetarian diet helps prevent several degenerative diseases and prolongs longevity. A study has shown that on an average, vegetarians live about 10 to 15 years longer than non-vegetarians.

2. It protects your heart

A vegetarian diet does not increase cholesterol levels of your body and thus helps prevent heart diseases. Meat and other non-vegetarian foods, on the other hand, being fatty and full of unwanted cholesterol are responsible for several cardiovascular diseases.

3. It reduces the chances of weight gain

Another reason why you would want to turn vegetarian is if you want a slim body. Vegetarians are slimmer than non-vegetarians. It is because vegetables contain much less fat and calories than foods which come from an animal source. Thus, a vegetarian diet drastically reduces the chances of weight gain.

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