8 Funny Things We All Did On Our First Computer

8 Funny Things We All Did On Our First Computer

Aww! The thought of using the first computer makes one nostalgic. Those were the days! Technology has truly changed with time and how. We did so many things on our first fat computer, do you remember any of those things? Ok, then let’s go down the memory lane. Read on to know more.

1. Themes and wallpapers

Do you remember we used to sit for hours thinking about themes and wallpapers? And, the downloading part was the best. Any new wallpaper we downloaded was like a thing to boast on our computer. We used to make our themes look bright and even co-ordinate it with different icons on the computer. Now, that was so cool!

2. Draw on paint

The excitement of using MS paint was like having a new thing in life. There was no source of entertainment on our first computer, so paint was the only thing we used for hours making drawings and saving them. Now, there are end number of drawing and painting applications which have replaced the good old paint option in your computer accessories list.

3. Music with Winamp

Do you still remember Winamp and the craze for its skins? Winamp was the first music player that gave us the satisfaction of listening to the music in a cool way. So, we used to be pretty excited about the various options the player had including the skins. Did it ring the bell or are you still on the thinking mode?

4. Single web browser

There are many web browsers today, but those days we used to have only internet explorer. A single web browser for all our internet needs. And, the version of which was too slow. When we used to connect the internet using a telephone line, the browser used to get disconnected because of a call made by a family member. That was indeed funny!

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