6 Signs You are Acting Desperate

6 Signs You are Acting Desperate

So you do the “single ready to mingle” jingle wherever you go. You flirt with interesting people, you give out numbers to guys you meet at parties, you also think it’s all in good fun. But is it? There is a very fine line between being open to dating and being downright desperate for dating. Read on to know if you are indeed acting desperate.

1. You keep no standards

You have abandoned the concept of keeping standards while choosing whom to date. You may notice the flaws in the guy’s personality but you still choose to ignore them. You reason out to yourself that everybody has problems. However, if you don’t see what’s wrong with dating an obese chain smoker with bad breath, then you are definitely being downright desperate.

2. You hate the loneliness

Singledom is a phase that everyone goes through. Not everyone is always in a serious/casual relationship with someone. Besides some periods of being on your own and getting to know oneself are actually healthy. You, however, hate being alone. You wallow in self pity at the fact that you have no dates on Saturday nights, no gifts on Valentines, no sweet nothings, so on and so forth. It is in your infinite grief that you set out to date whoever you can and however you can.

3. You are a regular on online dating sites

Online dating, one may argue, is a fairly common practice nowadays. That may be true, but it does have a stigma attached to it. People can, and do, judge individuals who indulge in online dating as people who aren’t interesting enough to find partners in the real world. This is why going for online dating means that you are so anxious to get hitched that you are willing to risk your social capital on it. So if updating your profile on your favorite online dating site is a standard part of your routine, there is probably something not quite alright.

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