6 Great Tips To Go Green

6 Great Tips To Go Green

Changing your lifestyle may have changed many things in your life. Some changes may be good, while others may have turned out to be not so promising. In this fast paced life, you aim to achieve quantity and barely think about the quality of living. This way you not only harm your environment but also yourself, as both are interconnected. The increasing pollution around you, must be enough to ring a bell. You also must have heard about “Go Green” slogans many times. But have you ever followed it? If not, then we’ll give you some reasons which will make you go green.

1. Save electricity

Saving electricity is one of the primary steps in reducing carbon footprints. Switch off all the extra lights, fans, and other electric equipments whenever they are not in use. This will also be helpful in preventing those long and scary electricity bills.

2. Save water

We all know that water is life and portable water is limited but how many of us do prevent wastage of water? There are simple steps to do so like use water from a mug while brushing your teeth, avoid using showers as that causes a lot of wastage of water, use a bucket to fill water while washing your cars in place of pipes. Also you can use water that is unfit for drinking for gardening instead of throwing it.

3. Avoid plastic

Plastic is one of our planet’s foe. We all know about the harmful effects of plastic but barely take steps to reduce this monster. You can use paper, jute or cloth bags for shopping instead of using plastic bags.

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